Our mission is:
„Let there be light!“

Come out of the shadows of the ordinary and let your brand shine in a unique light. We come with a revolutionary concept which turns a light advertising into a fascinating experience. It will be your chance to talk to your customers in a new language and express visual ideas on the whole breadth of the colour spectrum. A lighting revolution is coming, directed by Unique Light. Get ready!

German precision

Innovative idea, peerless technology, perfect craftsmanship. The VGS marketing service GmbH company demonstrates that the proverbial German quality is not just a myth.

Countless variations – including yours

We can show your brand in the best light. You can pick from 15 types of lighting, with the option of any colour combinations, intensity or light diffusion you fancy.

Low energy consumption

Our lighting systems are frugal. With the same power, we are able to illuminate a 50% larger surface without any loss of lighting intensity

Extreme durability

We test our systems in the climatic boxes simulating extreme conditions. Our advertisements are able to withstand the weather and water and won't lose its shine even under ice.

Innovation and improvements

In 15 years of continuous development and improvement together with our German partners, we have created the most advanced lighting advertisement system on the market.

Absolute quality

Each our product goes through the most rigorous testing and certifications, which ensures even distribution of light and high luminosity without loss of intensity or coloration change.

Easy install

Together with finished order, we will also bring you the installation template with complete technical description. Either with the help of our handy technicians or by yourself, installation is easy.

No maintenance

The Unique Light lighting advertisement does the only thing for which it was developed: It shines. It does its duty without any help, it needs no special care, nor any additional costs.

Exclusive materials

We use only exclusive materials. The basis of each solution is unique, light-conducting acrylate which, together with stainless steel, brass and other noble metals, catches attention even without light.

Many (light) years ahead.

We've joined forces with leading German company VGS marketing service GmbH, a pioneer in LED technologies. Two decades of innovation, ultimate know-how and uncompromising precision gave light to a new kind of lighting advertisement, unmatched anywhere else in the world. We named this peerless system Unique Light.

Logotypes and letters

Show off the essence of your brand with the glow of state-of-the-art Unique Light advertising, which will make you visible in any situation. You have choice from 15 types of basic illumination with option of any combination of finishes, materials, lighting intensity or colour. The choices are practically limitless!

Tables and desks

We can think big as well. Thanks to our frameless technology, we can easily create a complex solution for lighting advertisement and fit it suitably in any interior or exterior. Sensitive design and careful choice of materials will go well with both modern architecture or historic buildings.

Unique solution

We are able to turn even the most daring ideas into reality. Don't let yourselves be constrained by any boundaries and use our help to create a wholly unique solution that will underscore your brand's individuality. Experiment with different lighting types, combine the colours. With us, you can shine where others don't dare – under the water or the ice.

Choose the style you want to shine in

Together with you, we will think about how to best shine your brand and which details of the design (painting, stainless steel part, etc.) to use to highlight it. We will propose a solution, but the final word is yours. Below you can be inspired by visualizations how different combinations look over the day (left) and at night (right).

světelné písmena, 3d text


Front illuminated

světelné písmena, 3d text


Front and reverse illuminated combined

světelné písmena, 3d text


Front illuminated with partial illumination to sides

světelné písmena, 3d text


Front illuminated with reverse/side stainless steel

světelné písmena, 3d text


Front illuminated with bordering stainless steel

světelné písmena, 3d text


Outline illuminated

světelné písmena, 3d text


Side illuminated

světelné písmena, 3d text


Side illuminated with partially painted side

světelné písmena, 3d text


Side illuminated with stainless front partially stainless side

světelné písmena, 3d text


Side illuminated with partially lacquered side

světelné písmena, 3d text


Reverse illuminated

světelné písmena, 3d text


Reverse illuminated with illuminated sides

světelné písmena, 3d text


Stainless steel case with LED-illumination

Independent quality certificates exceed regular standards

The German light advertising producer VGS Marketingservice GmbH has issued a series of independent certified light advertising tests for Unique Light, which is named MaxxLuxx® at the German market.

EN 1090-2, CPR, EXC2 (Steel), EN 1090-3, CPR, EXC2 (Aluminium)

The EU Regulation 305/2011 (Construction Product Regulations) defines the bindingness of the EN 1090 standard. The fulfilment of the requirements laid down in this standard is prescribed by law and is a necessary prerequisite for the CE labelling of a product.

GS – Approval certificate for a reference product (sample) MaxxLuxx A12

The safety-tested seal (GS seal) certifies that a ready-for-use product complies with the requirements of § 21 of the Product Safety Act (ProdSG). The GS certification (with integrated production plant inspection) is the precondition that we can apply for certification of standard products in a simplified inspection procedure.

CB Certificate DE 4 – 0863

Proof of compliance with the requirements as laid down in the Lighting Standards DIN EN 60598-1 (General Requirements and Tests); DIN EN 60598-2-1 (Special Requirements in relation to Stationary Lighting for general purposes) and DIN EN 62031 (Safety Requirements for LED Modules for general purpose lighting). Certification in accordance with the Lighting Standard is voluntary. In complying with these standards, VGS establishes the high safety and high quality of its products.

CB Certificate DE 4 – 0871

Proof of compliance with the requirements relating to electromagnetic compatibility in accordance with the standards DIN EN 61000-3-2 (Compliance with the Mains Current Harmonics); DIN EN 61000-3-3 (Compliance with Voltage Fluctuations) and DIN EN 61547 (Compliance with Interference Immunity). Meeting the requirements laid down in these standards is voluntary. In complying with these standards, VGS establishes the high safety and high quality of its products.

CE – Certificate of conformity for EMV

MaxxLuxx products fulfil the safety objectives of the EMC Directive 2004/108EG relating to electromagnetic compatibility. The fulfilment of the requirements laid down in this standard is prescribed by law and is a necessary prerequisite for the CE labelling of a product.

Price of Illuminated Advertisement

Because we design the light advertising for each client upon request, the price is always determined individually. That is why, at the beginning of the co-operation, we usually arrange a meeting together where we personally discuss your wishes and needs, arrange the necessary documents and then prepare a specific offer.

Let us know and make it happen!

Thinking about how best to shine your brand? Nothing is easier! Leave us your contact here or suggest the time and place of the meeting. We would like to meet you directly at where you are going to place the light advertising. We can best help you and suggest what kind of lighting will best suit your brand. And do not worry - the meeting of half an hour will be just enough.

We look forward to helping your brand shine in the right light.

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